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If you look on the Internet for a site offering hotel booking and search engine integration, then you will soon realise that HotelsCombinedUK is the ultimate web address to visit.

Nowadays, the number of hotel search engines on the web is increasingly high and consumers are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to booking hotel accommodation. However, price plays a significant role in deciding on booking a hotel room through the hotel search engine A than through B.

Putting it in simple words, on this website you can have simultaneous access to all the major hotel accommodation search engines, so you don’t have to dedicate a considerable amount of your precious time visiting each of them separately to get price quotes and compare them.

HotelsCombinedUK: What makes it different?

So what is the value added by HotelsCombinedUK to a potential traveler's experience, while he/she is surfing the site?

There are quite a lot of advantages enjoyed by HotelsCombinedUK users and the most significant, as was mentioned above, is the accessibility of a big number – more than 30 at the time of writing this article – of hotel price comparison web applications, all at the same time, with just one click, on the same screen. This means that instead of visiting many sites such as, Expedia, Venere, and other booking engines separately, you can have them all in one place. That is the reason why Hotelscombined has been awarded major prizes for technological excellence and innovation by highly regarded official organizations all over the world.

On top of that, users can filter the results that turn up on their screens after they have typed a specific destination query, in order by hotel popularity, price, stars, name and distance from the respective town or city centre or from another local point of interest. Besides, users can make their choices more specific, by excluding or including hotels in different star categories or property types. For example, business travelers will most certainly not be interested in viewing hostels in their search results, so they are given the option to exclude them. Search results can also be sorted in regards to the special features offered by each hotel, such as room service, fast Wi Fi, laundry facilities etc.

Another important thing to consider is that, those seeking hotel accommodations on the web can have access to a map showing the location of the hotels as well as local tourist attractions. The hotels database of HotelsCombinedUK includes hotels in 220 countries and the user interface supports 22 languages and 120 currencies. The company follows a zero carbon emission policy and is ecologically-oriented, which is demonstrated by the running of its Green Hotels and Responsible Tourism Initiative. 

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HotelsCombinedUK vs. primary competitors (sites similar to HotelsCombinedUK)

Though HotelsCombinedUK is a major player in the market of hotel search engines, with a strong customer base and leading technology, there are quite a few competitor companies that envisage its market share and strive to meet various market segments, in which HotelsCombinedUK might not be as efficient as they are.

Conducting a small scale experiment, i.e. searching for hotels in London, UK, the following results came up in various search engines:

  1. Ase.Net                 1981 hotels
  2. Wego                                1791 hotels
  3. Kayak                                1664 hotels
  4. HotelsCombinedUK            1476 hotels
  5. Tripadvisor                      1064 hotels
  6. Momondo                         811 hotels

When the search term was changed to New York, this is what the search engines came up with:

  1. Ase.Net                              1522 hotels
  2. Wego                                   943 hotels
  3. Kayak                                   874 hotels
  4. Momondo                             700 hotels
  5. HotelsCombinedUK                 669 hotels
  6. Tripadvisor                           430 hotels

As you can see, HotelsCombinedUK did not offer the largest inventory of hotels in its database for neither London nor New York, but this a factor that can change since those numbers depend on how many hoteliers choose to include their hotels in the results of a specific hotel search engine.

In terms the of users interactive experience quality, Momondo offers by far the best graphics and user-friendly interface, though it takes considerably more time for search results to load. Another plus for this site is that they have a page dedicated to travel guides.

In terms of language and currency options, probably only Tripadvisor can match the choice offered by HotelsCombinedUK.

While HotelsCombinedUK is extremely specialized in hotels searching, no option is given to the site visitors to look up for flights, car rentals and other travel related services. To highlight the fact that competitors are more advanced in this field, it is sufficient to mention that Tripadvisor has even come up with the idea of offering restaurant reviews!

Besides, Kayak, Wego and Ase.Net promote holiday packages on top of hotel deals, which allow them to enjoy a significant competitive advantage, due to the high volume of sales generated by those packages.

A major disadvantage for Kayak is that it gives the traveler the option to search various hotels search engines that open in different windows and this reduces the overall direct approach and flexibility of the booking process.

Finally, although Ase.Net has the biggest number of hotels included in its database, its site is the most difficult to navigate, since the user cannot sort search results by price, hotel stars ect. but only by property type, which is not practical at all, comparing to the other search engine integrators.

HotelsCombinedUK: Pricing & packages
Price really is and has always been the name of the game. For a website like HotelsCombined they thrive on being able to get their customers the best prices with as little hassle as possible. Of course cost is all relative but when you are talking about people and their hotels; every penny counts. From the business traveler to the family vacation; people want to be paying as little as possible to maximize their enjoyment or profitability. HotelsCombined does this in spades and really helps shine a light on more remote destinations in Europe. Yes, they have rooms in London and Paris and Madrid; but HotelsCombined also casts a light on spots such as Amsterdam, Dubai, Prague, and other secret spots.

The variety and price differentiation among the various hotel search engines integrators depends on the number of the individual booking suppliers that each one of them supports. In other words and with the exception of Ase.Net which is the least user-friendly application of the six, consumers have more chances to get a better price, as a result of the largest number of hotels available in regards to a specific destination.

This is where a Price Guarantee statement from HotelsCombinedUK plays the role to assure customers that they will be refunded any difference in price, if they find a room for the same booking at a cheaper rate from another online booking source, not currently available through HotelsCombinedUK.

Additionally, HotelsCombinedUK offers discounts to students, teachers and participants in conferences. This is certainly a valuable bonus and a big number of customers will benefit from this offer.

HotelsCombinedUK: Product images & screenshots
HotelsCombinedUK Coupons
HotelsCombinedUK: Customer reviews & comments

The biggest percentage, about 80% to 90% of the customers who used HotelsCombinedUK to book a hotel room, stated that they were satisfied with the service, and the savings they enjoyed in hotel reservations were substantial (Hotels Combined Reviews).

There were some minor complaints, such as the inability of users to find specific features of the site that made them believe that those facilities were not available. For example some of them could not find the map and the filter to sort results according to hotel proximity to certain places of interest. This type of complaints derives probably from the large variety of tools, filters and options offered to visitors of the site, making navigation more difficult instead of making it easier for them.

As a final word, due to increasing competition, HotelsCombinedUK should enrich and enhance its hotels database and also include other options for travelers, such as the ability to book flights and holiday packages and rent cars, to name a few. Consumers will keep looking towards a differentiated offer from various hotel search engines and they will “vote” for the provider that will manage to present them with best variety of choices at unbeatable prices. 

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